Well hello there...

This is rather awkward. Happy spring, and welcome back to the Blossom Shed and its unreliable narrator. If you're still reading, you're an absolute darling. Let's kick off with a little wander 'round, shall we?
  • This New Yorker piece on attempted murder and intrigue at the Bolshoi merely confirms what I already knew - that you never, ever cross a ballerina.

  • If you aren't watching Scott and Bailey, you need to start. Well written female leads with bonus crime solving.

  • Let's all look at some silly hats at the NYC Easter Parade. I have first dibs on the beehive one.

Is it spring where you are? Because we're still waiting here, and the snowflakes are starting to get a little unsettling. Stay tuned for a plethora of lovely little things this season - beauty, fashion, travel and the like - and why not drop in and say hello below?

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