Lazy Links


Today is a bit too hot to sunbathe, so here we are - sprawled out under over-worked ceiling fans, eating popsicle after popsicle, and generally making a sticky, grape-colored mess of the keyboard. If your Monday is looking as lazy as ours, how about a little wander around some of the things that caught our eye this week?

Cleanse your palate after this week's Venetian excess with some light-filled, clean interiors From Scandinavia with Love. Makes us want to buy a cheerily painted summer house and eat lots of herring.

A list of the best secret British beaches. Chilly, pebbly heaven.

An ode to the style icon that is Clair Huxtable. Say what you like - the woman could wear the hell out of a chunky sweater.

We have finally discovered the cure for dry, peeling lips. It involves tupelo honey and corn grits, and it's very difficult not to just eat the stuff straight out of the tub.

Some genius has built a library in a vineyard. They're our kind of crazy.

This sweater isn't just criminally fabulous, it's also coronation-appropriate. Now we just need the weather to cool off a bit so we can wear it.

Are we the only ones to think this whole Coachella cruise thing sounds like a really terrible idea? Like scores of drunk girls overboard bad? Though the thought of fruity drinks at the ship's bar with Jarvis Cocker almost saves it. We feel he'd be a pina colada man.

The house of Yves Saint Laurent is changing the brand's title to Saint Laurent Paris. This is too idiotic for us to care to comment on. 

Those sneaky minxes over at Domestic Sluttery have started a pudding club. It's chocolate month apparently. We would like to join a club where other people make us lovely puddings and then drop them off at our door without wanting to come in and chat. 

Did you know there's a Jane Austen festival held in Kentucky every year? Everyone dresses up, has tea, and we can only assume does some serious matchmaking and/or verbal sparring. Oh and there's gentlemen's DUELS. We're in.

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