Giveaway! Win a Sumptuous Face Oil from Suti - CLOSED!

Here we are at The Blossom Shed's very first giveaway, and it's a fabulous one if we do say so ourselves. The lovely ladies at Suti, that temple of all that is pure, luxurious and nourishing, have generously sent us FOUR bottles of their divine Rejuvenate Face Oil to share...

Remember how we gushed over the sumptuous Nourish Oil earlier this year? The Rejuvenate Oil is like its younger, peppier sister - a bit lighter and zestier, with an uplifting, citrus scent and bright, golden color. A blend of the purest, highest quality oils - rosehip, argan, evening primrose, sandalwood, frankincense, tangerine and neroli - it's utter heaven for your your senses and your skin.

Hydrating, balancing and soothing, it's a fabulous choice for dry, sensitive, mature, combination and acne-plagued skins. Basically, everyone. Wear it daily, nightly, or as a treat when your skin needs a little extra pampering. It's lovely under sunscreen, and I feel like it keeps my skin soft and hydrated while still allowing it to breathe - I use it on weekends when I want to give skin a break and a bit of a pamper - a few drops massaged into damp skin leave it glowing and radiant.

Want to read more about the product? Peruse some of the glowing reviews at Beauty MouthA Model RecommendsElle UK and Fig + Sage. We also want to send a huge thank you to Tina and Suzannah of Suti for sponsoring this giveaway - they're skincare geniuses and generous to boot.


Leave a comment telling us A) how you follow The Blossom Shed - GFC, Bloglovin', Twitter or Facebook (if you want us to love you forever you'll follow via ALL of them) and B) why your skin deserves a treat. Giveaway ends August 1st, and is open to anyone, anywhere - it may take us ages to mail it if you're in Siberia, but send it we will.

Four winners will be chosen randomly - make sure you leave a contact,  via email or Twitter, so that we can contact you if you're one of the lucky few!


  1. I follow you via Facebook! And my stressed out skin is in desperate need of some rebalancing. I would love this special treat. Thanks Blossom Shed!

  2. Hi there! I follow you via Bloglovin, Twitter and GFC :) My skin's been freaking out in the insane Toronto heat and definitely needs some TLC. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I am following you via GFC, BlogLovin, & Twitter. I am using a lot of acne medication right now and it is making my skin SO dry. I have been wanting to try a new oil ever since I ran out of my argan oil a few weeks ago. You can contact me through twitter @TheAlterLife, great giveaway!

  4. Following via GFC!
    I think my skin deserves a treat and a break from the everyday skin routine! If you treat your skin right, why not treat it? I would absolutely love to try this!

  5. I'm following you on Twitter. My skin concerns are blackheads, dehydration and mild acne scars. I know that rosehip oil is beneficial for scars, I hope that this oil can sort out my other skin problems too.

  6. Great giveaway!
    GFC Beauty Balm
    Twitter Beauty_Balm
    I've personally just discovered suti and loving the cleansing balm x

  7. I'm following you on Facebook, GFC & Twitter.

    I've been wanting to try something from Suti for ages! I've been thinking since that my Pai Geranium and Thistle moisturiser is almost empty (it was just ok) that I would go back to a face oil. My poor skin is so congested and annoyed with me. I would lOVE to win a bottle of course! Thanks for the chance! xx

  8. I follow on GFC & Twitter.
    My skin deserves a treat because for the last three months I have been on full time placement, doing uni assignments and working part time on top of that! I'm very run down and my skin is a bit dry, I need a bit of rejuvenation :)

  9. Following on Bloglovin.
    Been wanting to get Suti stuff for so long! my problem skin definitely could do with lovely product.

  10. the face oil looks like a great prize. good luck to the people entering!

    keep in touch :)

    Do you like beauty products?
    We're holding a giveaway @

  11. I follow you via GFC!

    I need this because my skin could use a little TLC after too much beach time this summer!

  12. I would love to enter please, I follow you via GFC!

    My skin badly needs a treat, I keep breaking out in spots and am finally getting it under control but feeling quite down about my skin so would love to pamper myself a bit.
    @rafflesbizarre on Twitter.

  13. I follow you on Twitter AND Facebook! :)

    My skin deserves a treat because it absolutely loves facial oils and takes them quite well. I work extensively during the day and use various moisturizers and oils to help keep my skin hydrated and I'm sure this would be a lovely product to add to my regimen.

  14. Hi!

    I'm following on GFC and on Twitter (Kay baninibeauty and @baninibeauty)

    My skin needs a treat because after testing so many products my skin is dry on my cheeks! plus anything that's anti-aging and helps acne is a bonus in my books!

  15. GFC Follower - Chrystal

    I have dry skin on my face that deserves this awesome treat!

    chrystaljns at gmail dot com

  16. I follow via GFC and Facebook. My skin gets so dry in these South Carolina summers, oil sounds good! My email is Thanks! =]

  17. I follow on Facebook (Caroline Morin), Bloglovin' (aku.kuro.neko(at), Twitter (@caromorin) and GFC (Caroline Morin). This would actually be a gift for my mother, who has been through a lot and cannot afford quality products, but likes to keep up appearances as much as she can.

  18. I follow via GFC Allison L. My skin is dry and flakey and needs some help! allisonlichtenberg at gmail dot com

  19. GFC: Juliana

    I am in desperate need of a face oil that won't aggravate my acne.

  20. Facebook. My dry skin could use a good oil treatment.

  21. I'm following you on Bloglovin' ( I could use a facial treatment that won't disrupt my sensitive skin. all the chemicals in most products are far too harsh.

    <3 Melissa

  22. i follow via gfc and i apparently need a treat since everyone has been telling me i look tired lately! :-/

  23. I deserve to be treated for skin appearance is very important for a woman. and should be maintained.

    GFC: Puteri Ratnasari
    twitter @puteriratnasari
    Facebook: Puteri Ratnasari

  24. Lovely giveaway! I'm following you on Facebook & Twitter.

  25. My skin would love this prize and deserves a treat because it too dry.
    I follow you on twitter

  26. Hi loverly giveaway, I'm following on GFC, and Bloglovin, and my email is

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  27. I'm following on Blog Lovin, GFC, and Facebook. I'm a firm believer in maintaining your skin just to make yourself feel good. Everyone deserves a good face treatment and for this reason, my skin deserves this treatment!

  28. follow u with gfc! (i'm rira dent.) my skin's just kind of sensitive and unhappy a lot of the time so it'd be happy for a treat anytime :)

  29. i would love to win this oil..
    i follow you via gfc, bloglovin and fb

  30. I follow by GFC. My face deserves this treat because I just moved and will have to adjust to a new climate and water. The first few weeks will be rocky until I learn to adjust.

  31. enter me please!
    gfc: Loredana
    fb: Loredana Macrì
    I have dry skin on my face that deserves this treat!

  32. Followed on GFC Francesca Scirpoli
    I think my skin deserves a treat and a break from the everyday skin routine!

  33. following you on GFC..
    i don't use many products on my skin.. I don't know why but i've always been like this but i really wanna try this face oil.. hope i win :)

  34. and my email is

  35. I follow you on FB.

    I recently started using retina-A and my skin could use a bit of soothing.

    happypulitzer at hotmail dot com

  36. Following via Twitter- @butterflyrouge, GFC- MJ Moore, and Bloglovin'!


  37. Following via Facebook, Twitter and Bloglovin :)
    FB Name: Zara Martin Ed
    Twitter: @FashionShelter

  38. enter me,thanks!I'm following you on Facebook, GFC & Twitter.
    My skin deserves this treatment because it's dry and stressed...
    GFC/FB:Chicca Tamburrino
    twitter: @poiu801

  39. GFC-MoonRae
    FB Twitter Bloglovin'-Sharon Siqueiros
    My "maturing" skin is very sad in this west Texas heat....
    Thanks for this great opportunity!

  40. 'Like' you on FB /Elena Rudaya/
    My skin deserves a treat because the terrible heat is killing me this summer...

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I hope I win! (I'm not from Siberia, but still quite close to that - greetings from Russia ^^)

    queen-of-pain at yandex dot com

  41. following you on gfc as dede81.
    My skin deserves this treatment because it's too dry :)

  42. My skin would love this prize and deserves a treat because it too dry.

    GFC: Francesca
    FB: Francesca Biondina
    Email: redicoppe(at)inwind(dot)it

    I hope to win.. finger crossed! ;)

  43. Hello! Found this while browsing Suti's tweets earlier since I'm their follower - I just literally run out of my Rejuvenate Oil stash and what great timing for this giveaway. I've always been skeptical when it comes to face oils but Suti's product really changed my perspective towards face oils, let alone cleansing balms. (I am crazy about their cleansing balm too!) So I would love, LOVE to win this giveaway so I could pamper my skin even more. (fingers crossed*)
    P.S. I used to have eczema on my arm, and when I tried applying this oil, it just disappeared! Amazing.

    Followed you on FB, and Twitter.

    FB: Sweetjellybean
    Twitte: @5sweetjellybean


  44. I follow you via GFC as Black Asphodel

    I'd like to give this a try because a) Ruth recommends it and b) I have combination skin and get dry patches from time to time.

    My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

  45. My skin would love this prize and deserves a treat because it too dry.

    GFC: floryfrancy
    FB: Florinda Fraccalvieri
    Twitter: PiccolaFlo_82

    e-mail: floryfrancy(at)inwind(dot)it

    Finger crossed! ;)

  46. La mia pelle merita un premio perchè un pò grassa
    TWITTER: @soniabrandolone
    FB: sonia brandolone

  47. Hi there, I followed you in Bloglovin', Twitter or Facebook.
    I have an acne-prone skin and it definitely needs extra pampering. This would be great! :)

  48. I follow you via Bloglovin and GFC (ne-knopka)
    My skin would love this Face oil because it too dry.


  49. I am following you on Bloglovin and FB by the name Surabhi Surendra

    My skin needs a treat because it has become patchy since the time my baby is born last year and I really need to get its glow back. It has been a really long time since I last pampered it.

    My email id -

  50. i followed & liked all mentioned above..twitter, bloglovin & Face book..hheh..seems desperate but i'm just hopeful to win because my face is sensitive & i always have a breakout & red rash over my face..Btw, thanks for this ..


  52. I follow through FB. I am moving and selling my house and NEED a little bit of destressing!

  53. Call me lazy and/or ignorant but for the past 28 years of my life I use regular soap to clean my face, ever since I'm a baby or since I can remember. Well hello dry and breaking out skin. Hello wrinkles. I regret of not taking care of my skin, maybe I can fix it?

    Twitter : babalisme
    FB : Ning fathia
    Bloglovin : Ning fathia

  54. I follow in twitter: @natlayyy

    I would love to use this. I've worked so hard to get into medical school and I feel like the stress has shown on my face :/

  55. My e-mail is

    twitter: @natlayyy

  56. I would be so thrilled to try this oil. I follow you on facebook, twitter, via email, and Pinterest. Agi: agster 73 at yahoo dot com

  57. I follow you via Bloglovin"
    My skin deserves a treat because it is dry and sensitive. This would help restore some moisture and help brighten up my skin because it is dull looking.

    winit6 at hotmail dot com

  58. I follow via Facebook (Ally B). Quite honestly, my skin deserves a treat because I've been having a string of bad luck!

  59. follow via GFC. And my skin deserves a treat do to all the stress I put myself through trying to be a full time student while working full time.


  60. Follow via twitter. My skin has not been quite the same since I hit 30, so I would love to give it some extra love and attention. Thanks!!!

  61. My skin is dried out and stressed due to a bad office climate, and I'm starting to notice small wrinkles, so it really needs a treat.

    GFC follower - Dovile

    spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

  62. Hi I followed on Facebook, GFC, Twitter and Bloglovin'!

    My name is Nadine Diamante on FB, Nads on GFC, @NadineDiamante on Twitter, and the email I used to follow on Bloglovin' is

    My skin desrves a treat because I have been so stressed with work and school lately! I badly need it :(

    Thank you, more power!

  63. I follow via Facebook (Kaylee Matheson) and my skin needs a treat as I just had a baby in May which sent my skin through some crazy (not great) changes.

    kaylee.matheson at gmail dot com

  64. GFC-Teresa Thompson
    My skin deserves a treat because Im going thru menopause and it has dried my face out. My skin is very sad.

  65. A)I follow you on GFC as Valerie Hoffmann, Twitter @Mamavalveeta03, Facebook as Valerie Pease Hoffmann, and bloglovin' at valhoff 3 at yahoo dot com
    B)My skin deserves a treat because I know that face oil is one of the best things I can do for myself and I just got a new job! YIPPEEE!!!

  66. A-follow you through bloglovin (tammyhoffa at gmail dot com), twitter as @enerjizrr
    B- My skin deserves a treat because I can see the signs of aging. I want to give it a alittle TLC
    tammyhoffa at gmail dot com

  67. I'm a fan on Facebook (Kate Ryan) and my skin needs this face oil because I have psoriasis. It flares up when the weather's cold and dry (Winter? Tick!) and when I'm stressed (just gone back to uni again, tick!).

    kate1485 at hotmail dot com

  68. I follow you on facebook!
    My skin deserves a treat because I live in Belgium and the weather here makes my skin very sad!!

  69. Followed on Twitter and Pinterest! My skin deserves a treat because it is so dry.

  70. GFC follower and my skin needs something new.
    tarter95 at hotmail dot com

  71. Liker on facebook :) Charlotte Scotton
    My skin deserves a treat because it's dried out from the winter and breaking out from the stress of uni work!
    everbloom36 @

  72. I follow you on facebook, and I have never tried a face oil...maybe I should? :) thanks for entering me.

  73. Follow via GFC:
    email: fairywitch86[at]

    My skin deserve this treatment becaus I said Love her so much and I have to demonstrate that is True. This oil would be the best proof of Love I could do for my beloved Skin, like a wedding proposal "Please, My Skin, Would you marry me? And You'll be forever loved with amazing skin products like this Face Oil? You'll be beautiful and tonic everyday!"
    So :) I'd like to marry my skin and give her this amazing gift!

  74. I just recently followed you on facebook and I really hope I win:) I have never won anything before! My skin deserves this nice treat because I am the most anxious person EVER so I really need something to really relax and soothe me:)

  75. stefy ste fb
    gfc abellaa
    email blogvin

  76. I follow via GFC. Just found your blog and love your review and design. My skin needs to a treat because it is acting out right now with acne flair ups. :)


  77. following on twitter as prizepuzzle.
    My skin has had some bad acne recently.

    emilynwins at gmail dot com

  78. I follow GFC and Twitter! My face would loveee some TLC because it's so dry in this heat. Thanks for the giveaway!