Friday Frock - Coachella Edition

Now that we've got our Coachella beauty must-haves sorted out, let's move onto a festival edition of this week's Friday Frock. Except of course it's not really a frock, is it? You'll definitely need a pair of denim shorts underneath that, unless you're about 5 ft and short waisted, so let's call it a tunic. Moniker aside, I think it's perfect - casual and flowy, but the beautifully intricate beadwork adds a bit of glamour as the day turns into night. I always wholeheartedly suggest always wearing shorts/skorts/massive frilly knickers to any outdoor music event you attend, due to my last, rather memorable encounter with the main stage at Coachella.

In brief, it involved the beginning of The Killers' show, where the close proximity to Brandon Flowers and/or a sudden onset of acute anemia and dehydration caused me to suddenly drop like a stone as the curtain raised. I particularly like to hear about how I was hauled over the stage barricades, limp, unconcious and twitching, by my sister's superhuman sibling survival instincts and crowd-parting death stare. I'm sure she was hoping the divine Mr Flowers would notice her in the crowd that night, but seeing her hike up her miniskirt and launch over the metal fencing, polka dot knickers in full HD glory on the jumbotrons, was probably not what she had in mind. I just thank god I was wearing shorts, and wasn't trampled to death by hipsters.

So wear something underneath, okay? And if you have a good concert story, share it and make me feel a little less ridiculous. Or if you're in Indio this weekend, tell us what you're wearing and how it's going. And for goodness sakes drink plenty of water.


  1. I keep reading about Coachella and it sounds really amazing. And that look is perfect.

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