Skinny Love

Isn’t it refreshing how varied denim styles are at the moment? No more must-haves or required shapes, lines are releasing wide ranges of cuts for every taste, and you can find anything from high-waisted wide legs to skinny and slouchy in the shops wherever you are. Sometimes I feel like shopping has become just one long quest for the perfect pair of jeans – lots of people are still looking, and some never really do find that ideal pair – comfy, soft, flattering, versatile – it’s a tall order. When you do find them though, they’re really the pillar of a wardrobe –a great pair that you feel good in is worth its weight in gold.

My all-time most beloved style is Superfine’s Harry – they’re not easy to find, and they’re panic-inducingly pricey, but my goodness do you get what you pay for. The incredibly densely-woven denim is paper thin and soft as silk, with just the right hint of stretch. The cut is the perfect, timeless bridge between a skinny and straight leg, and the little details and handmade touches make me feel special every time I put them on – the satiney, pinstriped- fabric lined pockets, petal pink ticking inside the smooth and flat lying zipper, and a range of gorgeously subdued blues, greys and blacks with subtle, finely stitched lines.

The waist is mid to low-rise – just perfect - and they fit my body type – slim but not much waist – to perfection. From the knee to the ankle they’re slim but straight – no unflattering tapering here, thank you very much – and the length is just right whether with sandals, flats or sky-high heels.

I first tried them on years ago in the Barney’s NY Co-Op dressing room, and fell in love immediately and permanently - they were denim perfection. The fact that Kate Moss wore the same cut and color constantly in every style mag didn’t hurt either - they looked just as good on the few other people I’ve seen wearing them as they did on her. Well maybe almost as good…

I don’t even know if Superfine is making this style anymore, I can’t seem to find a definitive answer, but if they aren't I may just give up and never wear denim again – that’s how spoiled I’ve become. Nothing else will do now. In the meantime, I troll around looking for clearance and closeout pairs in small boutiques and online shops, and have been very lucky with my finds so far – I can smugly say that I’ve never paid more than half price for them. To me they’re just as chic and stylish today as they were five years ago, and I suggest if you’re still looking for that perfect pair that you give them a try. Just don’t touch any of the pairs in 27 –there’s not that many out there, so I’m calling dibs on my size.

What is your absolute perfect pair of jeans? Do you look for a certain cut, fabric, style? Do they have to be comfy and soft or structured and sleek? Have you found them yet, or are you still looking? Tell us all about them below!

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