Cult Classics - Becca Beach Tints

I don't know how I've managed until now without one of these little beauties about my person at all times. They're ridiculously minute and alarmingly expensive, so it's understandable if you've shied away before now - but if you like your makeup natural, glossy and idiot-proof like me, these are tiny little holy grails of juicy color that can take you from pallid consumptive to healthy glow with just a few pats of your fingertips.

The Beach Tint formula is quite sheer and runny, and I love how it blends right into skin,
leaving a beautifully fresh hit of punchy color and enough moisture to leave a hint of healthy sheen without any fake iridescence. My favorite is Grapefruit, a bright pinkish coral, the color of a square of bright, translucent Turkish Delight. It leaves my cheeks and lips a healthy, summery hue and smells like a freshly squeezed sweet grapefruit cocktail. Just a slick of glossy, dark brown mascara (Dr Hauschka's at the moment) and a dab of this on my cheeks and lips is my favorite minimal makeup look - no brushes, no blending, just sunny, sheer color that seems to come from within. I can attest that it can even be done with one hand, on the highway, while drinking your morning coffee, though of course I don't recommend that application technique.

The tints come in a range of sheer, buildable shades, all very nature inspired - I love Watermelon and Guava as well, though Grapefruit remains my favorite for what it does with my pale but warm coloring. These aren't thick, bright statement color that people like me find terrifying - they're hints of luscious, natural flush that look like you, but better.

Nobody does natural, glowing skin like Becca - if I could use only one brand of makeup, they win hands down - their cream blushes and eye shadows are peerless. The products are all geared towards highlighting your best features and looking healthy, fresh and radiant. I think it's because they're an Australian brand - those Aussies are just so damn robust and outdoorsy, they assume we must all want to look that way. Which of course if we have any sense, we do. It's lived-in, sun dappled glamour, which I think is the very best kind.

Have you tried any Becca? Do you have a multitasking wonder product that you can't do without? Tell us all about it below!


  1. I have not tried this products, but it sounds great. Thank you for the post. x