Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream

I have quite a bossy streak in me at the best of times, so I get ridiculously excited when people ask me for skincare suggestions and ideas - I feel like I should put a little white lab coat on and pull out a clipboard, except that seems to scare them off. When it comes to a good regime, I realize that not everyone has skin as dry as mine, nor does everyone like to feel like they're being drowned in moisture at all times (like I do). Regardless though, every type of skin, even oily, needs to be well hydrated, so one of my favorite suggestions for a good all-round cream for regular, sensitive and combination skin is Kate Somerville's Goat Milk Cream. Very light, it feels almost more like a lotion in texture - it does take a bit longer to really soak into skin, but once it does it leaves it soothed and balanced. I tend to like a really rich, balm-like cream, so this is quite light for me, but it's the perfect summer moisture, and my skin seems to absolutely love it. Perhaps I should be listening to it a bit more (it's saying yes, I like this one!) and stop buying my rich, old French woman creams and balms that are drowning it in richness. I don't think I can. I AM an old rich French woman deep down.

The first three ingredients are Aloe Vera juice, goat's milk and coconut oil - all of which are a great, non-irritating mix of soothing but light hydration for sensitive, acne-prone and stressed skin. The lactic acid in the goat's milk exfoliates very gently and leaves skin bright and clear, lightly hydrated and clean feeling. It's very aroma-neutral as well - just a very soft, faint milky scent, and it's paraben, silicone and perfume free - perfect for reactive and delicate skins. Basically brilliant for someone looking for a really high quality, natural and simple moisturizer to keep skin in line without too many excess ingredients.

The packaging is very pretty, with a lavender frosted plastic jar and adorable goat's head design - I definitely tend to shove this to the front of my regime on the vanity. I am a Capricorn though, and have a beloved pet goat (that's a whole other story...) so I could be biased towards caprine imagery. Inside is a brilliant pump action top - several brands are starting to switch over to this design and I hope everyone does eventually - it keeps the products fresh, sterile, and metes out the perfect amount every time. At $55 for a jar, it's pricey but about on par for more natural, high quality brands - $40 to $60 is about the norm when it comes to a quality face cream - and that usually will last your two or three months.

This cream sells out quickly online and is a perennial favorite - keep it in mind as the perfect basic but high quality moisturizer - I've yet to see skin react unfavorably to it, and it really does seem to suit most perfectly. Try this one if you don't like the feeling of most creams on your skin, and want to feel like you're wearing something light and smooth, or if you're skin is feeling really reactive and upset. As an added perk, the Kate Somerville staff and customer service are super knowledgeable and helpful, and are fabulous when it comes to questions and suggestions - they can really steer you towards the best matches for your skin in the line without being pushy or too biased - they get top marks from me, or maybe I'm just jealous of their lab coats.....

How is your skin at the moment - dry, irritated, confused, oily? Are you happy with your moisturizer or looking for something new? Let's hear about it below!

(product was kindly provided by Kate Somerville for consideration)


  1. The Arizona climate has done quite a number on my previously moist, Oregon skin... I tried this yesterday for the first time, and fell it lOVE! It felt light, yet rich at the same time... within minutes it had soaked in, and my skin felt luscious for hours! Love it - and the lovely lavender container doesn't hurt... maybe we can get a group discount!

    1. Isn't it nice? So glad you like it! I like my creams really rich feeling usually, but my skin loves this, it's so light and lovely.