Friday Frock

First of all, let's just pretend it's Friday - wouldn't that be nice? A whole extra day of weekend, and in fairness that IS when picked out this week's frock - it's the posting it that's been rather tardy.

Onto this week's dress - well, it's probably the cheapest I will ever feature here. It's also, rather alarmingly, sold out online in the time that I've taken to write this - I optimistically assume you can still find it in stores. But it's here today because there was so much love from my readers for this gorgeous Adriatic-hued Rory Beca dress I featured last month - while I don't pretend this is anywhere in the same league, it's also under $20, so it's a cheap and cheerful way to bring a little of that color and easy shape into your summer wardrobe.

I clearly don't quite have my finger on the mainstream fashion pulse, because I had no idea that Rory Beca was doing a budget line for Forever21 - but she clearly draws on her original line for a lot of the shapes and colors, and with quite lovely results. This may not have the gorgeous length, sway and fabric as the original, but it's a brilliant cobalt blue, has cute, multiple strapping at the back and a lovely dropped back hem. I'll wear it with some chunky gold bracelets and nude wrap sandals - from the beach to a casual dinner party, it's going to get a lot of use from me this summer. As soon as I can find one in the shops that is......

How do you feel about cobalt blues? They make me think of a Greek Island, with blindingly white houses along the brilliant blue coastline, so of course I love them. They look fabulous with golds and nudes, and flattering on so many skin tones. Do you have a color that you're dying to wear when the weather warms up? Tell us about it below!

picture via Pinterest

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