Friday Frock

Today seemed rather timely to post this adorable kelly green printed Milly sundress, and I do love a twirly skirt - it adds that extra feminine swing and a subtle little spring in your step. What really clinches this for me though is the snug, low waist - it makes it a little more modern than the usual retro sundress, while helping out the particularly long-waisted among us - I've gotten tired of every cute summer frock's waist hitting me somewhere mid-ribcage, and I think this cut may be the perfect cure. My only change would be the belt - I'd prefer something contrasting - I'd probably like a broad, sunny yellow, but then again I think yellow is the answer to everything.

Milly dresses are consistently almost annoyingly adorable - with gorgeous retro prints and ultra-feminine shapes, there's about five from this season alone that I'm in love with. This is my number two - I'm saving my favorite for another Friday - it's even cuter. And it has pockets. Because is there anything lovelier than a full skirted frock with pockets? I really don't think there is.

So how would you wear this - with even more punchily colored accessories, or some simple neutrals and a shiny ponytail?

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