Lazy Links

Spring has sprung! Suddenly and rather violently - it's in the 70's, and that means flip flops, and showing toes that have been hidden for six months. Quite scary really. But we're not complaining - it's warm, sunny, and the world is about to be sprinkled profusely with daffodils - basically anti-depressants in flower form. We LOVE them. So take a wander through these lovely links, and then for goodness sake's go outside and enjoy the weather. And the daffodils.

If you're nosy like us, you'll love the fabulous What's In My Handbag.

They have raven wallpaper over at Domestic Sluttery. Perfect for our future baroque downstairs powder room. The fantasy manor house is really starting to come together lately.
We're going to need to line up a butler soon...

A lovely video that's like a little work of art - Emily from the impeccable Into the Gloss does
her five minute makeup.

Still coveting these sunglasses. Especially since our favorite pair got sat on yesterday.

Did you see the NY pizza goat? Who are these people, and why on earth are we not friends?

Speaking of goats, if you're in London on April 7th, we must insist you attend the Oxford v Cambridge Goat Race. That's not a typo.

Did you know there's a Travelling Gin Co? For those times when you're just dying for a perfectly mixed g&t delivered by antique bike.

This is technically a romper, and therefore should be an abomination. But it's not, it's adorable and perfect and we may wear nothing else this summer.

The fabulous Beauty Mouth is now answering all of your deepest, darkest skincare questions in her Thursday Clinic - it's like your own personal, slightly cranky skin guru on speed dial.

Oh this this dress! Gorgeous and fluttery and slightly 20's - the perfect combination.

If you've never had bourbon-spiked banana bread, you need to remedy that immediately. Your house will smell like heaven for hours.

It's getting on towards skirt season, so we're over at She Said Beauty this week, showing you how to get your pins in tip top Spring shape without any horrid exercise and dieting type milarky.

And lastly, we're thrilled to be gearing up for The Blossom Shed's first giveaway in April - it's going to be fragrant and luxurious and frankly brilliant, and that's we're saying for now.....


  1. Thank you so much for your words on my comment, you are really sweet. Made me smile, thank you.

    1. You're so welcome, I always enjoy your blog, it's so artistic and beautiful!