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Happy March to all you lovely readers - may it be full of pastels, champagne and velvet daybeds. Now pour yourself a nice cup of tea, settle down somewhere comfortable (clearly a velvet daybed is preferable), and take a little wander around our latest lazy links......

Another ridiculously pretty and easy look from St Lisa of Eldridge - soft biscuit and coral shades a la Clemence Poesy.

This list of the top twenty selling perfumes in France for 2011 is slightly disappointing and not nearly as cliched as it should be - where's the Chanel?

Lipstick Fridays is hosting a lovely NARS giveaway, which I suggest you enter, because you can never, EVER have too much NARS.

On a sadder note,
Marcel Nars, the adorable French Bulldog that graced many campaigns with his charming face and bold fashion sense, has passed away - our condolences go out to his loved ones and fans, who we're sure were many.

How do you feel about your nose? A little too large? A bit crooked? Read our latest piece for
She Said Beauty, and be thankful for what you've got. Also, small noses are annoying.

After intially being underwhelmed, we've suddenly discovered the magic of the
AHA Resurfacing Concentrate from REN's new Radiance line. The forthcoming review will be glowing and rather plump, just like our skin.

The lovely girls over at Free to be Natural and Lipstick Fridays have both nominated The Blossom Shed for their Versatile Blogger Award - thank you both for being so sweet and having clearly excellent taste in reading material.

Do you know why we post so rarely? Because we're always on bloody
Pinterest. Follow The Blossom Shed's boards and we can all waste time looking at gorgeous things together.

Surely nothing in the world could be better than green tea ice cream, but we may make
Domestic Sluttery's Matcha tea loaf anyway just to be sure...

In honor of National Book Day (which is ridiculous, because every day should be book day), peruse the
world's twenty most beautiful bookstores. We've decided to secretely move into the one in Buenos Aires and pitch a small tent. Shh. Don't tell anyone.

And finally, let us introduce you to our favorite beauty blog, a site like no other, the wierd and wonderful
Facegoop. Prepare yourself for their magnificence, and enjoy.

picture via pinterest


  1. lovely post!!! I was shocked by the French perfume list too... I don't like any of those fragrances really. YSL Parisienne is nice, but Creed does better with rose scents and pretty much every scent :)

    1. I know - I was hoping for a bunch of interesting niche fragrances, but I suppose everyone in France just goes to Sephora like us!

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