Friday Frock

First of all, I know exactly what those of you that know me well are saying right now. "Oh no. Not ANOTHER caftan-type tunic dress. You are not Verushka you know."

Luckily I don't mind, because I love that style of dress, and I love this. It doesn't show terribly well in the pictures, but having seen it in person, the embroidery is much more beautiful and the overall effect much less nightgown-looking. It's beautiful, and just my style. I would wear it every day this Summer, and probably even into Fall with skinny jeans.

I love this sort of dress because one of my most basic goals is to live the sort of life where I never have to put on any pants. I don't mean pants in the UK sense of the word, that's just disgusting, I mean that I want my legs to be forevermore free of their denim and wool, and to be able to live in nothing but flowy, short dresses and caftans. I want to be somewhere warm and sunny all the time, where I'm barefoot every day and my legs can see the sun and feel the breeze. I want them to be unfettered by stifling fabrics, and to never know the chains of snow boots. Is this really so much to ask? A Greek Island or an Andalusian finca would probably do me quite well for these purposes, surely I can wrangle that one day. Until then I will be wearing this, barefoot, in preparation.

What do you think - do you like the flowy, airy dresses, or are you strictly team form-fitting? Let me know below! I'm signing off now before I say anything too strange - I've had to take a rather large amount of Benadryl for terrible allergies, and I have a feeling I'm going to stop making sense soon. It may have happened already. Happy Friday to you all!

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