Heavenly Hats

If only I had a large, devoted hat budget for my summer wardrobe plans, I could happily clean out NYC Milliner Satya Twena's entire newest collection - now that I've discovered her brilliant designs, all the floppy beach hats and straw fedoras elsewhere look a bit flat in comparison. Beautifully hand-crafted using vintage molds, all of her charming hats have a wonderfully distinct character without losing their modern wearability and easy charm.

This clearly belongs at a summer race meet, sipping lemonade from a jam jar.

This says "Go away. I'm famous, reclusive, on a French beach and possibly not wearing a top."

A pleasantly pastoral picnic, of course. Demure and charming. I hope someone brought scones.

This one's getting more firmly into costume territory, but in a wonderful sort of way. It kind of makes me picture wearing a petticoat and selling flowers in Portobello Road. There's the possibility of a jaunty musical number ensuing at any moment...

Are you a hat person? Visit the rest of the collection at the Satya Twena website, and then tell me your favorite one below!


  1. It looks like she's topless in all of them. Love the first two!

    1. It does, doesn't it? Well, at least her head is well dressed...

  2. Hats are so much fun to wear in the summer! I love the second floppy one!!


    1. I think that's the one I'd use the most too - excellent sun protection and brilliant style:)