Cult Classics - Moroccanoil

Your're probably sick to death of hearing about Moroccanoil. I know I am. But there is a reason everyone goes on about it, and so I feel it deserves its place here amongst the Cult Classics at The Blossom Shed.

I don't love the smell (fake vanilla and I are in a duel to the death), and I don't love the ingredients for the price - mostly silicones with some Argan Oil for conditioning - but there's still no debating that a dab or two worked through wet hair works wonders. Instant shine and softness without too much weight or oiliness, it's a godsend for damaged, color-treated or particularly unruly locks. I like to work a bit through very damp hair from ears to ends, then put it up into a bun to sleep. I wake up to a mane of gorgeous soft, healthy looking hair that still has texture and movement to it. It's a quick fix, but a very effective one that's invaluable to dry, damaged tresses. I'm definitely keeping a bottle on hand for when I go blonder in the summer, and chlorine and sun wreak havoc on my unruly and bleached strands.

The Morroccanoil Original Treatment is available online at HQ Hair - it also comes in a light version for finer, more easily weighed-down hair.

What are your hair plans this spring? Do you change your look a lot, or stick with the same cut and color? I've had long, thick hair with shaggy bangs for years, and don't plan on changing it, even though I'm often tempted. It's become a security fringe that I'm a bit terrified of going without. I like peering out at people from beneath all the hair. It makes me feel superior.

(Product sent for consideration by Moroccanoil)


  1. I hate fake vanilla! Thank goodness for yummy Creed vanilla ;) & I'm so happy you're aware of the little Argan oil and lots of silicone in the Moroccanoil (no one else seems to be!) I haven't tried it, but I want to. I just bought Acure Organics Argan Oil infused shampoo and really like it, but the conditioner was out of stock at Whole Foods. I'm also lemming to try products from Keratase and Oribe (Zooey Deschanel uses it... I love her.)

    I'm in the process of growing out my hair. My current photo is very outdated, hehe. My hair is chin length and dark brown, I'm wanting to get subtle highlights soon. I really want fringe like Zooey, but I'm afraid of what heat and humidity might do them! xx

    1. It's a great band aid for damaged hair, but I don't agree with people who say it's reparative - it's not, it's just coating w/ silicone, which it does very nicely:)

      I say go for some bangs, it's a fun change and they grow out so fast! Who doesn't want hair like Zooey Deschanel? Mine never looks quite as good no matter what I do:)

    2. Maybe I'll be daring! I can't figure out how to get email notifications when you reply to my comment! Blogger is frustrating sometimes... or maybe I'm just overlooking it. Maybe I'll try the fringe, I mean I own cute barrettes and boring bobby pins! Maybe a reason to buy cute headbands on Etsy :)