Super by Perricone Coconut Quench

I've been quite impressed by all of the Super by Perricone products I've used so far, and I love facial sprays/mists/toners so much that sometimes I get stuck on a spritzing loop some mornings in front of the mirror. So I was expecting great things from the Super Coconut Quench hydrating mist - it's full of simple, quality ingredients, comes in a lovely frosted glass bottle, and smells like coconuts - a very good start.

My first thought upon receiving the bottle was, " Ooh, coconut water mist, lovely!" followed by a sceptical realization of, "Wait a minute - this costs $38 - couldn't I just refill this with $4 coconut water from the store when I'm done and get the same effect?"

Unfortunately, no. The second ingredient in the Coconut Quench mist is hyaluronic acid, so it has some super hydration properties for a spray. Add to that the coconut water and oil - both rich in MCTS - a form of fatty acids that are incredibly close to the skin's natural lipids and oils, therefore easily absorbed and super hydrating, and a smattering of beneficial minerals to round things out, and you have quite a tonic. I will stop saying super now.

The smell is gorgeous, if you like coconuts. I do, very much, but I find that I don't always want to spray it on post cleanse because it clashes a bit with the lavender and rose themes in most of my skincare. However I find it wonderful as a finishing spray over makeup, and like to use a generous misting after a peel or exfoliant, to add moisture back to the skin before I seal it in with a rich cream.

Where I really found my favorite results was strangely, my hair. The label suggests use on face and hair, so I tried spritzing some in my bangs to restyle and blowdry them, and the results were brilliant - the little bit of coconut oil adds a bit of shine without any weight, and I ended up with a tidier fringe than I can usually manage with styling products. I can imagine this becoming a must-have staple in the summer - refreshing droopy bangs, cooling off sunburned skin, and brightening up tired, hot complexions. If I were fabulously wealthy I would buy a bottle and add a bit of salt to make the perfect beach hair tonic. But I'm not, so I'll be using it sparingly until then.

I do have trouble with the price tag - it's packed with great ingredients, but $38 is still such a lot for something that I see as a treat, not an absolute necessity. For me its nearest competitor in terms of price and quality is the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. While I think that the Caudalie gives better instant results, brightening and balancing, this is gentler and more hydrating, so a good choice for those who want a little boost during dry weather and sun exposure. I'm planning on taking this for quick touchups to the pool, on the plane, to music festivals, even to the gym* - anywhere I want to feel instantly refreshed and transported to the tropics. As it is, in the sub-zero temperatures I'm in at the moment, it's a little sunny vacation everytime I wash my face, which is lovely, but leaves me with a consant and terrible craving for a pina colada, which I am going to have to remedy one of these days.

If you feel like trying this out, Super by Perricone products are available on their website, at Sephora and at SkinStore - who is currently offering 20% off with the coupon code NEW2012 . Do you use a toner/mist/spray during your daily routine, and if so, which one? How do you like it? More importantly, do you too feel a terrible hankering for a pina colada now?

This product was kindly sent by the brand for consideration.

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  1. ooh very interesting! i have heard coconut can be very good for you!

    love from San Francisco,

  2. Coconut is very good for you! That's what I tell myself when the umbrella-ed drinks start coming thick and fast - but seriously - it is:)