It's the weekend. Have a drink.

Penhaligon’s ad campaign for their new gin-inspired Juniper Sling fragrance is a charming homage to the flapper era, and during the month of its release the bar at the Dorchester in London created and served a cocktail in its honor. Should you feel like adding a little jazz age flair to the new year, whip one up yourself and toast to a hedonistic and happy 2012. Good luck finding the bergamot syrup and forbidden fruit liqueur. The recipe is below for the adventurous amongst you. I think I'll just have a g&t myself. Bottoms up and happy new year to you all!

The Dorchester Bar’s Juniper Sling

30ml London Dry Gin
30ml Sloe Gin
10ml of The Dorchester’s Forbidden Fruit Liqueur
15ml Bergamot syrup
20ml Lime juice
10ml Sugar Syrup
20ml Pineapple Juice
Sprinkle of fresh nutmeg

Shake and serve on crushed ice and garnish with lemon grass, rose petal and mint.

Pics via Pinterest.


  1. happy new year! although I'm not a huge drinker, sounds good.

  2. happy new year! that sounds delish! :) xo

  3. I cheated - the pic is actually of a gin and tonic jelly - how fantastic does that sound?! Happy new year to you both:)