Penhaligon's Juniper Sling

I think the start of a new year makes everything seem bright, shiny and fresh, so what could be a more suitable scent for this weekend than Penhaligon’s newest concoction, Juniper Sling, which the British perfume institution describes as “A playful, chilled and mysterious homage to the Bright Young Things of London’s roaring twenties.”

In the bottle, Juniper Sling does smell very much like a beautifully mixed gin and tonic – cool, sharp and smooth. This is an excellent start for a gin lover like myself, and I can’t pretend that a little part of me didn’t want to pour a splash over ice and settle down for the evening. But thankfully for those who don’t want to reek of booze anymore than they already do, once on the skin it settles and softens into something more sweetly aromatic and much more nuanced. The peppery crispness of angelica, orris and juniper settle softly onto a faint bed of smooth leather and a suprising hint of brown sugar sweetness at the very heart. It’s a very interesting departure for Penhaligon's - while it harks back to another age, it’s also one of their most modern and linear scents for me, and could be worn beautifully by both sexes . The lasting power is a little fleeting, but keeps the scent light and subtle.

I highly recommend at least sampling this if you can – I love the icy etherealness of the scent, the snappy name and the fantastic art deco style styling of the bottle – it makes me want to revamp my dressing table into something mint green and mirrored, and start shingling my hair. Samples are available from Luckyscent, or visit Penhaligon's if you'd like to own one of the beautiful bottles.

Have any of my lovely readers tried this, or any other Penhaligon's scents? Do you have a favorite? I adore Bluebell above all, and practically bathe in it daily.

My sample was kindly sent by Penhaligon's for consideration.

Photo via Pinterest


  1. you wonderfully describe this perfume. it really captures the twenties in a bottle, and as a visual person is so lovely to look at.

  2. Hi! I didn't know about this ranges of perfumes and i have to say they look really interesting, at least the scent of this perfume sounds so mysterious. I like their bottles a lot and i think my favorite would also be Bluebell. :)

    Btw, i wish you a great start for the new year with lots of health, love and happiness!

  3. @graciela Isn't the bottle lovely, with the shiny metal bow?

    @Marta, definitely try and sample Bluebell if you ever get the chance - it smells like a cool English wood full of, well, bluebells! But it's so simple and beautiful, I've worn it since I was in my teens.

    Happy new year to you both, hope it's a beautiful one:)