Friday Frock

I promised a jazz age inspired weekend, and here it is, weeks later. I'm more into early Thirties territory here, but really that's only a good thing - the fashion was more flattering, and social events were more restful. The Twenties would go a bit frantic on you with all those tooting clarinets and hysterical Charlestoning.

This week's frock looks like it just stepped out of a Savoy cocktail party, with its sublime detailing and beatiful drapes - the cut through the hips looks divine, as does the sheer, open back. The modern twist? Its eco-couture, made in environmentally sustainable fashion out of entirely recycled fabric by Stockholm based designer Camilla Norrback, whose designs (this dress included) are available at the wonderful and oft-mentioned-here Fina Du boutique.

Now all I need is an ivory cigarette holder, glossy hair and maybe a charmingly down-on-his-luck piano player at the bar. So that's my New Year's Eve sorted. What are your plans?


  1. what a dress. its so stunning, its clean while still intricate. from the way you describe the era, you were made for those times!

  2. Isn't it so lovely? I guess if a 30s party wasn't on the cards it would do quite nicely for the opera too:)