Make Up For Ever Uplights

We consider ourselves highlighting connoisseurs here at the Blossom Shed - the careful application a good highlighter can instantly make anyone look fresher, prettier and less jaded with life - it defines bone structure, softens hollows and catches natural light to make you look lit from within. See above. I've used Benefit's High Beam for years, and love it, but find that it tends to bother my skin a bit if I wear it too often, so I've been eyeing all the new offerings for the perfect soft, healthy glimmer.
Being the shine fan that I am, I was inordinately excited to be able to try out the new Uplight Luminizers from Make Up For Ever - they're a much silkier texture than most which I really like - thin enough to blend beautifully but just thick enough to not get messy. The formula contains 70% water, which helps to make it feel completely weightless on the skin, finely milled pearls for shimmer, and mango butter to soothe and moisturize. The iridescence is so fine that it comes off as more of a natural sheen than a sparkle, and it's wonderfully buildable for more drama. The Uplights come in 8 shades, ranging from a translucent white to a deep copper, and finishes classified as Dewy, Pearly or Sparkling. I tried shade #23, Pearly Golden Flesh, a lovely coppery rose color - it's a bit dark for my skin tone as a highlighter, but lovely as a blush - it leaves a sheer wash of suntanned rosiness to the tops of my cheeks. The one I'm really excited to try next is shade #11, Dewy Pink Beige- a sheer, pale pearl that should be the perfect neutral for brows, cheekbones, the cupid's bow of the lips and the inner corners of the eyes. I like a tiny little dab down the bridge of my nose as well, but I do like my shine - I think sometimes I probably go a bit overboard.

My only (very) minor complaint is the pump - it's hygienic and means the product will last and stay fresh for ages, but the product is so concentrated that you only need a feather light tough to dispense plenty for any look. A full pump of the hair-trigger cap could supply enough for a small army of luminescent bone structure.

If you're looking for something for a natural looking sheen, try these out - they're perfect for those who hate the thicker, chalkier textures of some products - at $29 they're a pretty great price as well, and they really do last forever. You'll probably be using the same bottle to spruce up for Bingo night 40 years from now. And very lovely you'll look too. You can see good, clear swatches of all the colors at Krasey Beauty.

Make Up For Ever Uplights are available at Sephora and Make Up For Ever Stores - do you like the sound of these, or is there a matte lover lurking amongst you? Is there another highlighter you love or want to try? Share your picks in the comments below, I love to hear from you:)

Product kindly sent for consideration by MUFE.

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  1. Make Up For Ever has some great stuff! When I worked at Sephora we used that brand all the time! I personally have switched to more organic makeup, but still use non-organic stuff too. I love RMS Beauty Living Luminizer for highlighting... it's very soft and not chalky or glittery. & it's healthy for the skin! xx

  2. I like how straightforward and high quality MUFE's stuff is - but I've heard SUCH good things about that RMS luminizer - it sounds gorgeous. Have you tried anything else from the line?