Amika Obliphobica Nourishing Hair Mask

This conditioning treatment looks and smells like tropical custard, which is more than enough to recommend it to me. If you need more facts than that, it also hydrates and nourishes with Sea Buckthorn berry and Argan oil, and softens and conditions my fine hair without weighing it down or leaving it too slick. The massive 500 ml tub will last easily for 6 months, even with my notoriously wasteful habits, and I love the feeling of scooping my fingers into the cool, banana pudding-looking contents. Leaves hair shiny and healthy without any build-up, and it's sulfate, paraben and cruelty-free. A new staple for my winter hair, and undoubtedly for summer pool tangles as well. My only complaint is that it leaves my hair a bit too soft and clean the first day - it is conditioning it after all - but I need a bit more styling product to give my super-fine hair some texture. Check out the rest of the Amika line on their website and like them on Facebook for 25% off!

Yes, that is the back of my toilet. There's not a lot of storage in my bathroom.

What's your winter hair saviour? Any tips for conditioning without weighing hair down? Tempted to try this one out? Let me know in the comments below!

(product was kindly sent as a PR sample by Amika)


  1. I use Morroconoil's Intense Hydrating Mask and it is just like this one. It definitely saves my hair during the winter since I live in such a dry climate! Loved this post - thanks for sharing :)

  2. I think it's the woolen hats/scarves that kill me during the winter - instant static, and your hair flies up and get stuck in your lip gloss:) I want to try the Moroccanoil one too - people swear by it!

  3. desperately need a good hair mask i should try this one out

  4. OOh I haven't heard of this hair mask and I'm always looking for good new beauty or hair products. Following you, thanks for sharing this!


  5. They have a cute little gift set with trial sizes too - you can try out the mask that way for cheaper!