Super! by Perricone

There isn't actually an exclamation point in this brand, but I feel like there should be, and it's a missed opportunity for some jaunty punctuation. The original Perricone line has been around for a while, and is very well respected - a lot of people swear by it, though I have to say that I've always been a bit intimidated by the large amount of choices and the plain bottles - combined with the higher prices, it's just somehow never made it to my bathroom shelves.

The new Super by Perricone brand is clearly aimed at a slightly younger, hipper demographic - the bottles have easy to decipher labels with punchy graphics, and the offerings are simpler to put together into a skincare routine. Like the original line, they're natural products with high quality ingredients, but the Super line takes its most active ingredients from superfoods - fruits, vegetables and spices that are extremely high in antioxidants and nutrients - boasting anti-inflammatory, brightening and anti-aging actions.

I had sampled the Sun Kissed tinted SPF this summer and loved it - so I was thrilled to be able to try out three more popular products from the line that were particularly recommended to brighten up dull winter skin. These were some of the first products I sampled for The Blossom Shed, so I was very happy that I didn't have to start off the site with a bad review. It would have brought the mood down considerably.

The Products:

Night Recharge is a PM treatment that contains nutrient-rich red algae and retinoids to smooth and brighten skin - it has a light, lotion-like texture that goes on very smooth under my night moisturizer and smells of lemongrass. I hate lemongrass, but this dissipates as soon as it's applied, plus it's fantastic, so I deal with it. This immediately smoothed and calmed my skin - it seems to have a very good anti-inflammatory effect for me - any redness or spots were incredibly lessened the next morning, and the broken capillary I have under my eye was about half as red as usual. After one use, I consider this an incredible result. I've been using it every night, and it's balanced my skin as well - no breakouts or irritation since I've been using it, and my skin is even, smooth and bright. This should do well with most all skin types, and is a great way to amp up your nightly routine with just one new product. I kept waiting for someone to mention how glowy my skin was, but all I've gotten so far was a "rough day?" which suggests maybe I didn't look quite as well rested as I had hoped.

First Blush is a light serum with melon, rosemary and oat bran extracts - all ingredients that heal and protect the skin. I'm partial to this one simply because the bottle looks so pretty on my counter, and I love the smell - something like melon mixed with eggnog, very natural but sweet. It's a thin liquid texture that I smooth on under my day cream, and it makes my skin feel very quenched and soft without any residue. This is supposed to brighten skin and give it a healthy "blush" - I don't notice an obvious glow, but it does feel lovely, and it seems to balance and soothe my skin as well. Not a terribly necessary product for me, but very pleasant all the same.

Sweet Clean is somewhere between a cream and a milk cleanser - it has a very unique consistency that I find really nice. Cartenoids are the main attraction in this one - acai berry packs a huge punch when it comes to antioxidants, as do the grape, blackberry and blueberry extracts. I really like the smell, which is sort of like sweet berry vitamins, but it might not be for everyone. This gives a really deep clean feeling without stripping the skin, but it's not moisturizing enough for my extremely dry skin. It would be a fantastic product for younger or more combination skin, and a good way to wean off terrible skin stripping foaming washes! I'm recommending this one to my sister who has more normal skin than me. A little goes a long way as well, so the bottle will last forever, making it a pretty good value.

The Verdict:

This line is targeted at a younger demographic, so it suits combination to normal skin types beautifully. I am extremely fussy about textures and residue on my skin, and these all felt lovely, but those with extremely dry skin may find the line isn't quite moisturizing enough as a whole. The packaging is FABULOUS - heavy frosted glass, each with both a pump and screw top, perfect for travel. I fully intend to save the bottles and reuse them. Price-wise it's about average for higher-end natural skincare. The line is easy to use and high quality, and I was quite happy with the products I tried - if you're looking for a new skincare regimen or need to add something to yours, these are definitely worth a look. I'm hooked, and want to try lots more of the line now - I like the look of the eye cream and the moisturizers, so they're next on my list.

The Best Part:

The cheery
Super website is having a 25% off sale right now with promo code FRIENDS2011, so if there's a product you've been lusting after, take advantage of it!

(These three products were PR samples)

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