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Between the cold, dry air and the fuzzy knitwear, winter is hell for hair. It's either static and parched or flat and limp, and it's hard to find products that add shine without ending up oily. Here's my top three serums that smooth flyaways and boost shine without weighing hair down.

Aveda Brilliant Emollient Gloss is the hair product I've used the longest. It's a little thicker than most serums, and makes hair feel actually nourished instead of just slick. It uses rice bran oil and vitamin E to condition, smells beautiful and comes in a lovely cobalt bottle that lasts forever.
Josie Maran Hair Serum has lovely high quality ingredients like Argan, Jojoba and Camellia oils and a tart bergamot scent. A little goes a very long way - one tiny pump is perfect for my long, thick hair, so it should last for ages, and actually helps to nourish hair as well as smooth it. This one's great for keeping in your purse for quick touch-up - it has the most natural ingredients, and is my new favorite. Nick Chavez Angel Drops was included in my recent BeautyFix package. I chose it because the thirteen year old inside me liked the name "Angel Drops". I had no idea who Nick Chavez was - it I'd had to venture a guess I would have said a Backstreet Boy. It turns out, rather disappointingly, he's a Hollywood hairstylist. This serum contains the most fillers and least natural ingredients, but it makes my hair shine like nothing else - my six month old highlights look incredible when I use this, and it smooths the hair without losing texture. It's a quick fix for instant results, and it comes in a large bottle that will last me for years. The special part about this? The smell. For days I was trying to figure out what the floral scent reminded me of - it was driving me crazy. Suddenly yesterday I got it - Pat the Bunny. It smells EXACTLY like the flowers in the Pat the Bunny book. I, like Judy, love that smell, but if you don't want to smell like a children's board book, this may not be for you. I'll continue to quite happily relive my toddler years everytime I use it.

Josie Maran and Nick Chavez products were PR samples. Photo via pinterest

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  1. Josie Maran Hair Serum - I have heard so much about these hair care products! I think I may have to try them soon!