Friday Frock (on time as well!)

Some of you may not like this week's frock. You may say it looks like it's made out of curtains. To that I would say, PRECISELY. And not just any curtains - hunt scene curtains. And anything that looks like it's made of draperies from the Von Trapp household and would be suitable for frolicking around Salzburg or climbing trees along alpine lakes is a resounding yes in my book. I love the incredible gathers and pleats - very high fashion and beautifully done - and I adore the dirndl-style top - though upon closer inspection that's a white tee layered underneath - on NO ACCOUNT should this be worn without the underlayer, because then it would be thin spaghetti straps and look terrifyingly dreadful and very 90s. So tread carefully.

But with the shirt - charming! I'm not sure I could pull this off. I'm not sure any of us could. But I love it all the same for being different while still very flattering, and reminding me of my favorite singalong movie experience. Who knows. If you play your cards right wearing this, you might end up in a gazebo in the rain with a handsomely stern naval captain who just needs MUSIC BACK IN HIS LIFE. Yes please.


  1. Love this! I am convinced you and I were meant to be blogger friends!
    I was thinking The Sound of Music before you said Von Trapp!


    Sunny Blonde Studio

  2. Wonderful pleats.Add a silk scarf around the neck -preferably pink or white to match the NAVY image.


  3. Excellent taste in movies and dresses you both have. I wanted to suggest a matching kerchief, ala Louisa, but I thought that might be straying into costume territory...

  4. I actually really really like this dress. I think it is so cute and would be perfect to wear to work with some cute black or nude heels.