Gorgeous Getaway - Whitepod Resort

Whitepod Resort in south-west Switzerland is a scattering of fifteen luxury tents, sprinkled on a mountainside at 1700 metres - beautifully simple and bright, the interiors look just as fluffy and white as the surroundings, each with a full bathroom, roaring woodstove, and a wall of windows over the precipice. Even better, the entire camp is designed to function with virtually no eco-footprint to mar the pristine mountain. As long as you're not a sleepwalker, what an incredible place for a quiet weekend! All I'd need would be massive amounts of chocolate, a fuzzy robe, and maybe a kite to fly off the front balcony when I get bored. Why is this not how I'm spending Christmas every year? And I must say, I'm not much of a skiier, but the sledding conditions look pretty top notch.


  1. Aren't you the luckiest?! It looks so nice. Are you staying there now, or is it just a dream getaway? Anyway, love it :D


  2. Oh goodness no, a dream! One day though:)