Cult Classic - The Mason Pearson Brush

There comes a point in your life when it's time to grow up and invest in a few of the classics. We all need a nice coat, and a good handbag, and yes, a quality hairbrush. You can't put a some pink, plastic goody with broken teeth in your sophisticated purse, or on your stylish vanity. It brings the mood down. I'm particularly biased because I've never used anything else but a Mason Pearson - apart from a disastrous interlude with a drugstore-brand round brush, these were what my mother raised us on, and with good reason - they're brilliant. The brush was designed in Yorkshire in 1885 by Mason Pearson himself, and very little in design or materials has changed since then - its cellulose molded handle feels and looks almost like polished wood. My favorite model is the small, pocket size, with a combination of boar and natural bristles.

It's quite an investment, but the absolute best you can do for your hair and scalp, and lasts forever - it might not be something you can go out and buy right now, but if and when you reach a point that you want to splash out, go for this one. Since I have my lovely brush already, I now have my eye on the matching comb. It's time to find a worthier partner for my Mason Pearson than the $3 detangler with broken tines. A disgrace.


  1. I nearly have a nervous breakdown every time I think I've lost mine. I would have to take up some illegal activity to earn enough to replace it.

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