Friday Frock

First of all, I know, this is not a Friday Frock, it's a Saturday...shift? But that throws my whole schedule off, so let's pretend I posted this yesterday and leave it at at that.

I had a tough time choosing this week - I wanted something affordable to offset last week's frivolity, but there were several lovely choices - one was gorgeous but probably a bit too offbeat for some, and the other was an incredible deal, but very summery. So I went for the third, season appropriate choice. Behold:

I have my concerns with this one, namely that it could look cheap and too bodycon in person, but I feel like the color, the sleeves and the heft of the fabric add class to the cut, which is, it must be said, extremely flattering.

Mustard shades are not for everyone. Van Gogh was very keen on them, and look where it got him. But I happen to love them, they somehow suit my coloring, and I think they're unusual without being loud and showy. I feel this has a lot of potential. I would keep the hair a bit messy, and make wise choices re: black accessories - one false move and you're a bumblebee. Regardless, it's on my wishlist.


  1. i love your use of alliterations! the english nerd in me greatly appreciates it. i love shift dresses but i feel like they look bad on me because i have no curves. check out my blog sometime :)

  2. I have no curves either - that's why I think this would look nice, actually - the curved seaming should create the illusion of some at least! And I'm following you blog now:)