It's the weekend. Have a drink.

You just don't see enough fizzes these days. I think it's all the shaking - people are too lazy. If you've never tasted a "Ramos" gin fizz, remedy that, immediately. It's heaven. I usually refuse any cocktail that includes more than two ingredients - it takes too long. But this one's worth it. It's just gin, a bit of lemon and/or lime juice, a spoon of simple syrup, a spoon of heavy cream, an egg white, a few drops of orange flower water and seltzer. Do NOT exclude the orange flower water, because it's the whole point. And do NOT add the seltzer until everything's shaken up - it takes hours to clean up off the ceiling.

The final trick? Shake like mad. Until your arms ache. Preferably while whistling "Puttin' on the Ritz". You can do a little dance while you do this. I do. Pour into a charming glass, top with the seltzer. Enjoy the frothy, foamy, snowy, ginnish, flowery whiteness. Repeat.

via theminty.

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