Friday Frock

For this week's Friday Frock, I have thoughtfully chosen something with a bit of room, in deference to yesterday. It looks quite plain and simple, but the sharp tailoring, the thicker, almost matelasse-looking fabric, and the straight neckline make this such an easy, chic little dress. It must be said that I have a very tenuous relationship with tights and/or leggings at best, but they're definitely a useful addition here - just don't go too retro - no winged liner, please, if only for my sake.

The dress comes in a pale lemon yellow as well, and is so cheap that you can get one in each color should you feel like it - and, which is just incredible for it's sheer volume of budget, high-fashion looks, is having a huge sale this weekend - they have so much stock I can never even browse through it all, but they do have a great array, from cheap, throwaway trendy to really well done, right-off-the-runway looks, as well as some great small, newer labels. The code is HAPPYBLACK FRIDAY for 20% off, and only runs through Monday the 28th, so don't dally. I REALLY love ASOS, as you may have somewhat gathered by now.

What do you think? The navy with a teased ponytail, nude lip and black suede wedges? In all honesty, if I could get away with it I think I'd wear it with beatup Chucks.


  1. Aren't the lines nice for something so cheap? I want to live in it!