Cult Classic - Nelson's Acne Gel

I read about Nelson's Acne Gel years ago in a fashion magazine, where a makeup artist swore by it, and I've been using it ever since. It is, quite simply, the best spot treatment I've ever used, by miles. It manages to bring down swelling and redness without any drying effects whatsover - skin stays smooth and soft, and blemishes magically disappear. Mine are always lessened with hours, and gone within a day or two. It's frankly, brilliant, and I panic when I don't have a full tube at hand at all times. The magic ingredient is sulfur, combined with tea tree oil and St John's wort, and together they form some sort of magical super potion that will stop a forming blemish (or "nose thickening" as we call them in my household) in its tracks without any mess or fuss. Natural, gentle, and completely and utterly effective. You can buy this in most health-food stores, large grocery stores with a vitamin/health section, and lots of places online, including the Nelson's site. It ranges from about $6 to $8 a tube, so I try to buy several at a time and secret them around the house so that I never run out..... like I have today. And I have a nose thickening I can feel forming, suprisingly painful as always, and no Nelson's in sight. Never again.
(They changed the packaging and the name of this recently to "Pure and Clear". I'm not a fan, it sounds very teenage. Same great product, but I liked the simple, pink tube that looked like it came from a French pharmacy. Why do companies have to mess with things that are already perfect?)

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