Gorgeous Getaway - Bella Pineta

I'm sure you're all having an absolutely lovely Thanksgiving, I sincerely hope so, and I'm also sure that none of you would rather be somewhere else right now, even if you're sleeping on Aunt Gertrude's pull out sofa or in your childhood bedroom in a trundle bed. But just in case you still feel like a bit of escape - here's this week's Gorgeous Getaway - a beautiful little glamping destination in rural Sardinia.

Bella Pineta's two luxury tents sit in their own six acre almond and fig orchard, completely secluded, but only 5 minutes walk from a lovely local village. Each tent has a sweet little bathroom with shower, the beds are fluffy and white, strung with fairy lights (which I have a terrible weakness for) and it's so quiet the only sounds at night are crickets and the occasional sheep bell from roaming flocks. I would go in early spring, so that the orchard would be decorated with fragrant almond blossoms, and spend my days in a fold-out chair sunning in the garden, throwing my sandwich crusts to the odd friendly sheep, then order in takeout at night, or wander down to the village for a drink and dessert.

But as I said, I'm sure you're having a smashing time wherever you are right now, overeating be damned, and I suggest you go get a bit more pie before someone finishes it off. Sardinia's not going anywhere.

P.S. Get your pants ready, because for the next month The Blossom Shed will be going into full holiday extravaganza mode - it won't be pretty, but it will be very festive, and there will be a lot of chocolate involved.

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