Sephora Sale

I love Sephora. I love their sharp color scheme, and their broad selection of products, their easy website, and their samples policy which I am so easily able to exploit through subterfuge and lies.

So I'm very happy to report that their storewide 20% off sale is rumored to start on Oct 20th - not a minute too soon because my makeup bag is starting to look pretty forlorn, and the 3/4 empty vials and tubes are getting that crusty, worn look that makes me want to just die.

There are things I absolutely must have, and some that I hope to pick up if I happen to be extra-flush that week. Which is highly unlikely, but a girl can dream. So my wishlist is as follows.....

YSL Touche Eclat in #2 - I've somehow managed to squeak by without this for 6 mos - thank god for a tan is all I can say. Come November when that lovely consumptive look sets in for the winter, this is what will save me from despair - it's the only concealer/cover up I ever use - creamy, sheer and bright.

Benefit Velvet Eye Shadow in Where There's Smoke - maybe one day I'll branch out and wear some other color on my eyes besides irridescent grey. Maybe one day I won't be as lazy, and will learn how to use a makeup brush. Until then, this will be my new go-to eyewear, to try and pry me away from my Laura Mercier Sable. A soft grey. Baby steps.

Guerlain L'Heure Bleue EDT - I'm not going to go into my adoration of this gorgeous, timeless, heartbreakingly beautiful scent. I'll save that for another gushing post where I have unlimited time to wax lyrical. All I'll say now is that I vascillate between preferring the EDT and EDP, the latter is more rich and true and at the moment by #1, but I can always use a bottle of the EDT kicking about - it's first whiff is a little more acid and sharp, but the drydown is sublime. Mmmm. And it’s cheaper, so that’s the clincher.

Benefit They’re Real! Mascara – I don’t think it should be THAT hard to create a mascara that makes my lashes look long, separated and glossy. Not dry or flaky or clumping. Just saying NON-CLUMPING is apparently not enough, as it seems the more they tout this, the worse they glue my lashes together. The only one I have ever been happy with was Clinique Long Pretty Lashes, which was perfect for daily wear, but the packaging reminded me of middle school, and would sort of mess up the whole sartorial feng shui of my vanity table. I have high hopes for this one from the reviews – it seems to tick all of my boxes, but we shall see. I intend to splash out on it and then dish.

Nars Lipstick in Heat Wave - this is so far the only red lipstick my complexion can even begin to cope with. I’m pale but with yellow undertones – anything with any pink or blue tones look beyond gruesome on me. This is very orange based, a matte, tomato red, that with a careful hand I really like on myself. I’m not sure I will ever wear it with my lifestyle lately, which is very chapstick and ball cap, but I have to set myself goals. Watch out grocery store, I’m going to pair this with a high pony tail and a white tee shirt and jeans.

Super by Perricone Sun Kissed SPF 25 – as I may have mentioned before, I HATE the feel of any kind of cover on my skin – Touche Eclat is the heaviest I can stand. I love the idea of tinted moisturizer’s sheer glow, but have never found one I don’t loathe - I think the quality of the moisturizer itself is never up to par, regardless of the tint. So I am extremely happy to report that this is a gem – it made my (summer) skin even and , and feels light and smooth. You only need a very small amount, and I like to think that this over my Caudalie SPF 15 day cream is a good amount of sun protection. Judging by my charming freckle moustache, the SPF 15 on its own is not.

SO – what’s your wishlist for the sale - any stocking up to me done, or a product that you’re just dying to try? Spill below.

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