My life in your (impeccably manicured) hands, Amelia Pond

I have stubby, overworked fingers with nails that I've bitten since I had teeth. I bit my doll's nails as a child. That's how deep my issues are. So not only do I never paint my nails, I tend to dislike nail polish in general - the idea of really dressing up for me is shiny nude on my toes - I like to think it minimizes my dwarf feet.

So why then am I SO obsessed with the lovely Karen Gillan's nails in Doctor Who? They're a little longer than fashionable, and a lovely squared-off oval shape, and for each episode Amy Pond sports a new beautifully unusual and subtle color - matte lavenders and soft greys and tomato reds. How does she have time to keep them touched up with all that running about through time and space? It makes me wonder if there's a small Korean nail bar tucked behind the library in the Tardis.

But the best part? There's a website out there entirely devoted to each episode's manicure. Because apparently I'm not the only creepy nutter out there. I salute you, Amy's Nails.

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