It's the weekend. Have a drink.

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I'm lazy today - you have to make your own drinks - I'm just providing you with a helpful link to an absolutely WONDERFUL blog called Gin and Crumpets - and their recipe for a Marmalade Martini. I love marmalade. I love gin. I don't see how this could not be a beautiful thing. Not a terrible way to start the day either - it's at least half breakfast food.

Carry on, and please let me know how it goes - I'm making mine tomorrow when I'm not too cold to hold a martini glass.

Toodle pip xoxo


  1. This sounds delish! Will need one of these at the end of today...

  2. Thank you for the link – hope you enjoyed the martini.

  3. I wish I'd never found it now - I want it for breakfast alongside my coffee now, and it takes a lot of willpower to resist.

  4. sounds yummy! Have you tried Chase's Marmalade vodka - its delicious poured straight with the glasses and vodka both from the freezer x