Lipstick Lust

When it comes to lipcolor, I tend to stick to safe pale pinks myself, but two shades of Nars Pure Matte lipsticks have really caught my eye this Fall -

Carthage - god knows if I could wear this bright a hue - probably not - I tend to think you need china pale skin to look good in these candy shades, but it doesn't mean I won't try it next time I have a chance - it's gorgeous and saturated and extremely unique.

Madere - this nude is extrememly matte, and so would completely blot out the lip - sounds scary, but should make an fantastic palette for pale, creamy colors over top- without a good base, it's hard to get the lighter shades right.

I do find Nars' formulas a littler dryer than I'd like, but that's something I tend to think has to be sacrificed for really saturated, rich pigment - they continue to have the best selection of unique and really eye-pleasing colors and formulas, so I keep coming back - they're also the makers of my favorite orangey-red, Heat Wave, and my go-to coral for summer - Niagara. Which reminds me - watch out for the coral in winter - what looks juicy and bright on suntanned skin can look scary and a little Florida retirement community when the tan fades. I found this out the hard way, so that you don't have to. xoxo

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