Hypothetical Ensemble - Richmond Park

I'm sorry to be so socks and scarves themed, but I hate to be cold, so I'm trying to stay realistic with these hypothetical ensembles. As realistic as an emsemble that's hypothetical can be.

If you've never been to Richmond Park, it's south of London down by the river, an huge oasis of nature and peace, absolutely chock-full of deer, where you can sit and watch them for hours in all their gentle beauty, and then be within walking distance of a cozy pub afterwards - a wonderful way to spend an Autumn afternoon. This is what I would wear.

I love all these pieces, and want every one in my real wardrobe - the sweater and the skirt are both on sale for great prices, and the underpinnings are to add a secret pop of color under all the neutrals. I like wearing something bright hidden away under all the layers. The boots are incredibly versatile and add nice texture, and comfortable to walk in, or run if you happen to particularly annoy one of the bucks during your walk.

Any of my lovely readers been to Richmond? Anyone have other places they'd like to see as the next hypothetical setting?


  1. nice picks!
    cheers, Betül


  2. thank you! I'm following your blog now - it's great!

  3. I've never been to Richmond park before but I do want to go, it sounds blissful. I love your picks, especially the long wooly socks, and the knit.



  4. those boots! love!


  5. Aren't they gorgeous? I don't post all the info for each item bc you can click on the pics for it - just in case you're wondering where to find them - they're Topshop. I'm saving up for them as we speak, so don't buy all the pairs in 7.5 please:)