It's the weekend. Have a drink.

I'm a gin girl through and through, so I tend to not play around with anything else in cocktails - with the exception of Greyhounds. Like the name suggests, they're sleek and stylish and to top it all off, wonderfully pink. I like to think they're extremely healthy as well - loads of Vitamin C and Antioxidants, plus the antiseptic properties of Vodka on the throat. Or something like that. Regardless, as the days turn greyer and colder, these bring back some beautiful color into an evening. Or day, I won't judge.

My favorite mix is simply one large, juicy grapefruit, (no pallid and sallow yellow fleshed varieties please) one measure vodka, ice and a cocktail shaker. If the fruit is fantastic, you won't need sugar, but it often isn't, so you can dash in some superfine, or rim the glass. You want to keep the vodka light enough that it never overpowers the citrus, and you barely taste it - dangerous, but delicious. Only the cost of quality grapefruits keeps me from starting and ending my day this way.

The beautiful picture above is from the
Kitchen Konfidence blog - it's a recipe for a tarragon and salt infused version, which sounds lovely, and one day when I'm less lazy and less desperate for a drink, I may try making one.


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