Lazy Links...

I have to spend the rest of today clearing brush and making a burn pile in the garden. I am going to wear this:

They have Lady Grey Cupcakes on Girls Who Like to Gorge. Why are you still here?

Are you too wondering "what the hell is a BB cream?" This explains it. Kind of.

Shopbop is having a 20% off sale until tomorrow. I suggest these. And this. Oh and this too.

Here's an easy video for great hair - the classic bun two ways. Try to be bigger person than I am and not hate the girl in the video for her smugness and relaxing wine drinking on a cozy sofa.

I want my entire house papered in this.

Looking for something to read? Not content with one blog that I can barely keep up with I have two - Canons at Dawn! is me trying to read 150 titles in 365 days. It's not going well.

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