Friday Frock

I adore this Diane von Furstenburg lace shift. Maybe I'm terribly vulgar, but I'm happy wearing white all year round - if I could I'd live in white. But the laundry gets to me after a while.

Would this not look gorgeous for any season with black or nude pumps, and casual in the summer with sandals and a little shrunken leather jacket? Or in the fall with low boots and a chunky cardigan.

And with that tomato sweater pulled over top with the grey boots from my last post -perfection! I would get so much use out of this, it's practically affordable. Ish. Until I spilled ketchup on it the first time, then it would seem extremely overpriced.

1 comment:

  1. I love this! I swear Lauren Conrad wore it a few weeks ago to an event. I was wondering who made it. It is so gorgeous.