Spring Staple: Mint Nails

Isn't it nice when a really fabulous color is having a moment? I might not have been able to muster up much enthusiasm had 2013 seen a resurgence of maroon or pepto-bismol pink, but I'm quite happy to jump on the bandwagon for a cool, creamy customer like  this year's ubiquitous mint green. Anyone who loves the shade is in luck, as there's an absolute avalanche of accessories out there right now - from watches and Wayfarers to chunky sweaters and flirty skirts - all in that perfect icy hue.

So where better to add a little minty kick than fingers? The right shade adds a fresh, fun touch that's still subtle and flattering on skin, and looks a bit more laid-back and tomboyish than some of this season's more saccharine pastels. Every polish brand under the sun has a shade or two in their lineup this year, but the hands down winner here is Butter London's Fiver. Somewhere between an creamy spearmint green and a pale Tiffany blue, it's a stunner for its perfect hue and fabulous formula - thinner and quicker drying than most, which makes application a breeze for those of us less than gifted in the nail art department and more than a little chunky and unwieldy in our finger areas. And the whole non-toxic thing doesn't hurt its case either - wave goodbye to formaldehyde fingers and hello to healthier, stronger nails.

So how do you like a spot of refreshing mint on nails? Does the color remind you fondly your 80's childhood as well? Do you think chocolate only exists as an accompaniment to mint, and find yourself adding peppermint extract to inappropriate dishes? No, wait, that's me. Discuss below!

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  2. I love a good green or blue mint colour on the nails - so perfect for spring! :-) x

    1. So true - now we just need the weather to oblige:)