Cult Classics - Body Brush (aka Cellulite Lightsaber) Edition

Ah cellulite. That great equalizer of womankind. Rich and poor, plump or thin, we will all have a touch of those unpleasant ripples at some time in our lives - whether it be through genetics, a weakness for French pastries or general sluggishness (I'm three for three). I might have a fairly slim and active physique, but there was definitely a creeping pudding-like quality happening around my lower half this autumn that was, quite literally, weighing me down.

Despite what countless beauty mags and posh french toning creams would have you believe, here's technically really only two things that have can improve the appearance of all those lumps and bumps -  toning the surrounding skin and muscle, and boosting circulation. The first thing sounded unpleasant and like there might have been sweat involved, so I dove headfirst into the second.  I went out, bought a $10 natural bristle body brush, and have never looked back.
A quick brush down of dry skin before the shower - maybe 90 seconds max - and within a month things were looking up. Six months later, and the results are, if I do say so myself, stunning. Smoother, softer and altogether less evidence of eclairs. The benefits to the appearance are of course delightful, but I swear it also just makes me feel healthier - the brushing revs up circulation, helping the body rid itself of toxins and altogether invigorating the system. Plus all that exfoliation makes for some seriously lovely skin - I barely use messy scrubs at all anymore, there's no need, so there's also much less chance of me slipping in a greasy tub and cracking my head on the soapdish. A win-win situation by all accounts.

I only brush about twice a week -  when I remember/can be bothered. I've had such incredible results so far that I'm almost apprehensive to see what would happen with a daily brushdown. Where would it all end? Circulatory overload? Victoria's Secret contract? I shall find out, and report back.

For now, all I know for sure is that the humble skin brush now holds a place of honor on my bathroom shelf. I feel better, I certainly look better, and I shall be celebrating this all with some seriously short skirts. I suggest you go buy a brush and join me.

The Elemis Cactus Bristle Brush is considered the gold standard by most, but I'm perfectly happy with my $10 Whole Foods variety. Whatever brand you buy, you just want natural fibre bristles like cactus or agave, and a comfortable handle.  Watch this handy dandy tutorial for clear instructions on how to brush - basically, it's just long, light strokes, always towards the heart.

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