Suti Giveaway Winners Announced

It's results day! Thank you all for entering our first giveaway - we're thrilled that each and every one of you from so many places all over the world stopped by, and after reading your lovely comments we wish we could send a bottle to you all. We actually felt quite bad about it, like we were playing skincare God. But we eventually managed to pull ourselves together, and were strict and fair. Random numbers chosen, and the laws of probability have spoken - the four lucky new owners of a pretty glass bottle of golden Suti Rejuvenate Face Oil are:

The Procrastinator (who said that her skin could use a treat after a hot, Toronto summer)

MoonRae (who needs to keep skin hydrated in dry west Texas)

SayAnything (who needs to treat her stressed out skin after slogging at Uni)


XXAubreyAnn (who says she needs some pampering because she's a worrier!)

Thanks again to everyone who entered and helped to make our first giveaway such a success, and to Suti for supplying the beautiful prizes. If you want another chance to win something to pamper your skin, stay tuned -  we'll have another lovely surprise coming this fall....

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