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Enjoying the Olympics sweetie darlings? Have you made a pledge to start on a new fitness routine and bought new snazzy workout clothe,s which will be worn twice and then consigned to the back of a drawer until Rio 2016? Yup, us too. Take a break from planning your podium face and gold medal wave with a little wander 'round our favorite stories this week....

Beautymouth's brilliant guide to idiot-proof skincare. Basically, stop obsessing over your pores and for god's sakes don't scrub your face with walnuts. 

While we do not share Western Europe's obsession with cycling - (except when they crash, which perversely adore,) we will take one of these fabulous posters.

Let's see what New Yorkers are reading on the subway....

BBC has an online test to see what kind of Olympian you would be according to your body type. It's not very accurate, because we got marathon runner. Ahahhahha. No.

Harvey Nic's and Penhaligon's have teamed up to create the Peoneve Terrace, a magical little secret garden full of pink peonies and sweet treats . If you're in London this summer, stop in for a gooseberry fool and peony punch served in a perfume bottle. Our kind of place.

Will and Kate seem to be having an adorably grand time at the games. We think they enjoy spending time around people their own age.

Some genius has invented a Facebook app that replaces pictures of other people's babies with cute animals. 

The most fantastic story of the week - apparently Kate Moss got in a spat with Gwyneth Paltrow as a result of throwing cheese puffs at her as she jogged by. And we didn't think we could love her anymore than we already did....

We would give our left arms right now for a slice of this Rose Pistachio Cake. This is what happens when you try to eat healthy and skip desert. You end up cruising the internet looking at cake porn.

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