Honeyed Kisses

I mentioned HollyBeth Organic's Grits and Honey Scrub this last week in passing as the lip smoother that dreams are made of, but it deserves a post to itself.  You know those days when your lips look reasonably smooth and soft, and then you apply lipstick and are utterly disgusted? Flakes and lines and general unpleasantness abound? This will make those days merely a bad memory. Gentle, effective and hydrating.  I'm afraid I can attest to its deliciousness as well -  I usually end up eating at least a large spoonful per scrubbing session. Luckily the ingredients read like a sweet southern desert - organic corn grits, almond oil, vitamin E and Tupelo honey - it's basically a really lovely breakfast. I have a small, lipbalm sized pot, which is why I happened to use it on my lips to begin with, but it's actually marketed as a body scrub. I can only imagine the luxury of slathering this on in the shower - it's something I intend to find out sooner rather than later

In fairness this would be relatively easy to make yourself, and for a bit cheaper, but sometimes you just need a special treat, and don't want to have to pull out a mixing bowl and whisk before your bath. Use this for those times. Your skin will be left smooth as silk and smelling like honeyed heaven. Dare I say the perfect choice for a date night?

HollyBeth Organics is a tiny little company in Atlanta that makes charming and simple organic products by hand in an old cotton warehouse. Besides this honeyed masterpiece, I love their adorable sample tins, and like to keep a few on hand for easy, thoughtful little hostess gifts. 

How do you keep lips in tip-top snogging shape? Are you a fan of grits? Tell us about it below...

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  1. Is it bad that I use my bare hands instead of a whisk? I find them hard to clean :P