Pimm's O'Clock...



This week lets all drink to the Olympics, other, athletic-type people's superb feats, and that heavenly place that is London in the summertime, rain or not. Pimm's anyone?
 The classic Pimm's Cup is the simplest of summer sips -  three parts "lemonade" to one part Pimm's mix, blended with thinly sliced cucumber, citrus, strawberry and mint. Together they create the effect of a twilit summer garden party in a glass. Straw boaters, gramophones, fragrant roses and all. A classier, more genteel sangria, if you will. Being a fan of anything involving gin, mint, quinine or strawberries, it's my kind of drink.

pimms cup

For us Americans, remember that in the UK, they call Seven-Up and similar, "lemonade" - hence why I was always getting around my mother's soda ban as a child by innocently ordering a lemonade at restaurants and then pretending to be disappointed but resigned when a fizzy glass of 7-Up arrived. I was secretly thrilled that the trick lasted as long as it did.  So the British will tell you that Pimms is made with lemonade, therefore confusing issues further, since I prefer it made with real, sparkling lemonade - the kind actually made with lemons. It's also lovely with ginger ale, should you feel like getting creative.

Serve with lots of ice, in a charmingly retro glass, and enjoy the Olympic feats from the safety of a comfy striped deck chair. I particularly enjoy the showjumping and swimming - the only two sporting endeavors I partake of myself - and will be mixing up some festive pitchers for each...

Which event is your favorite? Will you be toasting it with a Pimm's? 

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  1. This drink sounds so delicious! I don't have a favourite event... I did watch women's cycling this morning (that was a nail biting event!) My parents and brother are visiting and my mum and I plan on drinking Tanqueray & tonics with olives (well, I do anyway.) Pimm's sounds much better! xx

  2. I love Pimms such a lovely summer drink :) x