It's the weekend, Have a drink.

This week's drink is non-alcoholic. I'll wait while 70% of you shuffle off in disappointment...

Despite being something of a coffee fanatic, I've always been rather disappointed in the iced variety.  It's fine and all, but there's not that knock-out, instant happiness kick that a cup of hot cafe au lait inspires. All the beautiful, rich flavors seem to fade away when hot coffee gets iced, leaving behind something rather watery. Astringent,  acidic, and entirely lackluster. Then at some point last year, I caught up with the rest of the culinary world, and tasted the cold-brewed variety.... And all of a sudden all of those oenophile-worthy descriptions that coffee snobs are always using start to make sense. Why yes, I think I CAN taste swirling caramel undertones and a hint of burnt cherry! It's smooth, creamy, thirst quenching and rich - really startlingly delicious.  All of the wonderful flavor and depth, none of the watery bitterness.

I pour about a half a cup of coffee to 2 cups cool water in a large pitcher, jar or french press, and leave it in the cupboard for 12 hours. Sieve through a fine filter, or through the French press if you're lazy and don't mind a bit of silt. If you're normal, pour over ice with equal parts water and milk. If you're like me, and have built up a dizzying resistance to caffeine, you'll leave out the water. Store the remainder in the fridge for when you'll inevitably want another glass. 

If you want to be really thorough in your drinking experience,  freeze cubes of coffee, milk or a mix thereof beforehand - no more melting ice watering down your favorite brew. Also, it's a simple fact that iced coffee tastes best drunk through a bendy straw. I don't know why. It just does. Now I just need to find a way to make bigger batches.  I'm thinking in the bathtub, a la gin. It's going to be a very icy and highly caffeinated summer here at the Blossom Shed....

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