Friday Frock

Oh those ancient Greeks. Say what you like, they knew how to drape. There's nothing I love more than this goddess-style cut - particularly when it's executed as beautifully as on this week's frock. Why do we bother with shifts and maxis, wraps and sheaths, when there's the option of looking like you've just sprung, resplendent and immortal, from the sea's pale, aqua foam? Also suitable for summer wedding's, rooftop cocktails and other mere mortal events.

Pair with metallic accessories, luminous skin and a messily braided updo, and try to avoid launching a thousand ships while at the bar.


  1. This is every wedding guest's dream! Flowy; neutral enough for day but just colourful enough for night. I may need to add this to my wardrobe.

  2. This is a really beautiful dress, such a flowy look.