Suti Nourish Facial Oil

I've been waiting a bit to write a review on this product because I was so smitten I was afraid I'd gush. Time hasn't dampened my enthusiasm, so prepare yourselves as I extol the virtues of my new best friend..... The Suti Nourish Facial Oil.

Lovingly created by two sister-in-laws Suzannah and Tina (the "Su" and "Ti"), Suti is a small, impeccably crafted new line from the UK that uses only sustainably sourced, organically grown ingredients, hand blended into the finest and gentlest of facial oils, balms and tonics. I plan on reviewing several of them over the next month, but I'm starting with my favorite - the divine Nourish Facial Oil.

It's no secret that we love a good facial oil here at the Blossom Shed, and there's not many I haven't tried - there's some lovely ones out there, but Suti's Nourish Facial Oil has left them all behind - it's just ridiculously nice. A potent blend of 15 plant and flower extracts, it's intensely nourishing, smooth, silky and light, and releases a gorgeous natural fragrance when gently pressed into skin. Skin looks glowing, bright and plump in the morning, like you've just had a wonderful night's sleep.

This blend includes Apricot Kernel, Avocado, Calendula, Argan, Jasmine and Patchouli oils - I suppose it should smell of jasmine, but to me it smells like paperwhites, those gorgeously scented spring bulbs that you can grow on your windowsill, that smell like a mix between narcissus and jasmine. If you like that sort of thing, this smells like heaven in a bottle, and has such a lovely aromatherapy effect that I seem to relax immediately when I put this on. It feels and smells luxurious, and the scent lingers quietly until I fall asleep. The pretty glass bottle looks beautiful on your dresser, as does the pale emerald color of the oil within. My favorite part of all is that it's $52 for the lovely 30ml bottle - I know that doesn't sound cheap, but it's about 1/3 of the price of other luxury face oils - the whole line is incredibly reasonable for the quality and ingredients, which is another reason I'm thrilled by it - it's rare to find good value hand in hand with impeccable quality.

My favorite way to use this is to press a few drops into damp skin at night and forgo the moisturizer - I like that it heals and plumps skin while letting it breath and rest as you sleep. You can use it nightly, or just once or twice a week to pamper, nourish and balance the skin.

You can find Suti products on their website in the UK, and at Shen Beauty boutique in the US.

Do you have a favorite luxury product that helps you feel pampered and relaxed? How do you feel about paperwhites? I love hearing your comments, so share below!

(Products kindly sent by Suti for consideration)


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  2. I love this facial oil too. I just received it on Wednesday, so literally I JUST got it but already am so enamored. I'm now going to order the whole line :) Great review of Suti, you really expressed how amazing this line is :)

    1. So glad you liked it, doesn't it smell amazing? The Cleanse balm is also incredible, though there's not much in the line that isn't:)