It's the weekend. Have a drink.

Although if I were you, I'd save this up for Thanksgiving - I'd guess you're going to need it. A huge bowl of cranberry juice, prosecco, blood orange slices and star anise is my plan - I have the kind of punch bowl where you just dunk your little cups in for refills - perhaps not entirely hygenic, but very convivial. Do you have a traditional drink you always make for Thanksgiving? Or do you return to a family of strict Lutherans in Minnesota and drink apple juice with dinner? I want to hear about it whatever the case, and please share below if you have a great holiday drink recipe!


  1. Now i'm thirsty, hahahaha.... Great drinks !

  2. Nice and cheap to make too - so you can make huge bowls of it - hope some people try it this holiday season, it's delicious:)