Gorgeous Getaway - Riad Ariha

I've completely skipped over this week's Friday Frock - the previous post has gotten me stuck in such a Moroccan rut that I've decided to go all Souk-themed for this week's getaway, dress and cocktail - a North African extravaganza if you will. Most likely a knee jerk reaction to the deteriorating weather outside, but still good fun.

So welcome to Riad Ariha - a tradional Marrakech townhouse, luxurious and peaceful, with incredibly reasonable rates. I particularly love how the rooms open onto the inner courtyard with plunge pool, seating and fireplace - I'm not saying that I WANT another guest to be murdered, but it would make for a memorable holiday experience - all the rooms open to the center - no way in or out - it's practically begging for a murder mystery involving colonial outcasts, rogue archaeologists and copious gin consumption.

Worst case, if things remain quiet and boring, you can lounge up on the rooftop terrace and watch the sun set over the Atlas Mountains, or leave the cool sanctuary and tour the ancient city. Personally though, I'll be crossing my fingers for some foul play.

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