Friday-ish Frock

In keeping with the festive occasion of our hypothetical African adventure, THREE frocks instead of the usual one. Here's what should go in the beat-up leather suitcase for the trip...

I've had my eye on this dress for ages, and it would be a perfect staple for desert holidays - the green earrings add a punch of color to an otherwise earth-toned ensemble. I hate wearing heavy sunscreen on my face, so a massive hat is de riguer. Careful you don't bump into doors while wearing it, as I tend to do.

I never thought I would utter the word "skort" again after first grade, and yet here I am featuring one - I love that this short tunic dress has side slits to show the matching shorts below - perfect for climbing up to rooftops and lounging on floor cushions, and no worrying about your skirt being too short or sudden sirocco uplifts.

If I had my way we would all live in caftans - no worrying about your manicure, or shaving your legs, or eating too much tagine at dinner - just throw it on and go, barefoot preferably. This would be perfect for cocktails aroung the fire in the courtyard. And of course every look has to feature heavy eastern-style kohl - really, when else will you get a chance to play around with it in such an appropriate setting?

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  1. love the second collection with the tunic dress!